Tomislav Nikolic: invocations of consciousness 

ISBN: 9789463937344
Publisher:  MER. Imprint of Borgerhoff & Lamberigts
Images: © Tomislav Nikolic 
Authors: Justin Clemens, Juliana Engberg, Julie Ewington, Andrew Jensen, and Marielle Soni 
Hardcover (12 versions), 216 pages in full colour.

Distributed and available online in Australia and New Zealand at Books at Manic

Distributed and available online in the Northern Hemisphere at MER. Borgerhoff & Lamberights

EIDOS Publication

EIDOS Enframed: The Art Of Tomislav Nikolic, essay by Grazia Gunn

ISBN: 9780646554549
Publisher: Tomislav Nikolic
Images: © Tomislav Nikolic 
Text: © Grazia Gunn
Printed by: Blurb 
Hardcover, 40 pages in full colour